About Us

about us
Agri Greenhouse is manned by people who has been involved in agriculture products for two over decades.The team understands the impact of climate change and has missioned to provide eco-friendly systems to help the agriculture sector upgrade their processes to be in line with a greener earth. In this respect, the team at Agri Greenhouse have designed a range of tropical green houses that adheres to modern day environmental specifications. The range of green houses comes with patented ventilation systems that provides a comfortable environment for farm workers to work in. It is also designed for pesticide free methods of cultivation, where water pollution is minimised.

A further aim of the Agri Greenhouse team is to provide a range of sub-systems for the integration of tropical farming and fish breeding where waste from one system is fed to another sysytem in a recycling fashion. Fertilizers used are of the organic type which offers very little run off water pollution.