Green Houses

green house

Malaysian made Tropical Greenhouse have 4 main features

  • Keep out lashing rain--well, you get plenty of rainfall in tropical and equatorial climates and they can destroy your young crops. Greenhouses are built in such a way that it has a transparent roof usually made of plastic materials and strong side walls also made of transparent materials to keep young plants from lashing rainfalls. Greenhouses should be built with rain gutters so that water can be retain for the purpose of irrigation. Usually, all it needs is a reservoir and a small battery driven pump. Water can also be metered and deliver to the plants at certain times of the day.
  • Keep out burning hot sunshine--well, to be sure, tropical regions are hot and if you don't want your plants to wilt, you would want to protect it from the hot scorching sun especially during the afternoon period. Greenhouses normally come covered with transparent plastic material. You can also use materials with a dark color tint which will cut down on excessive sunlight. A newer version comes with materials that can automatically change color as the amount of sunlight change during the day.
  • Keep out insects--in keeping with a greener earth, we want to use less pesticides and one of the way is to surround your young plants with a barrier to prevent insects from flying in to devour your plantlets. However, when insects are prevented from pollinating, you will not get fruits so you might have to introduce beneficial insects such as bees into the system and also a means to allow them to fly out when required. If you plant green vegetables, then you don't need pollination but if you have tomatoes, then you need to take care of insect pollination. You could of course use manual pollination if insects are not available.
  • A good ventilating system--a contained space under the tropical sun can very quickly get hot. Young plants, especially leafy vegetables, cannot survive long with high temperatures all the time. A good greenhouse should also have a good ventilation system. Ventilating ducts are usually built at the rooftops. As hot air moves from the bottom to the top, small air ducts must also be built near the bottom of the greenhouse. If you need to keep out insects, then the air ducts should be covered with nettings.
  • Pesticide Free-Be more concious about the environment and try to use less of pesticides and chemicals. Agrigreenhouses are designed to be pesticide free and only if you chose to. You can of course have better control in pesticide usage because you can shut out the insects. You can also introduce good bugs to fight the bad ones all inside the protected enclave of the greenhouse. If yu need to experiment with new techniques, then Agrigreenhouse gives you the options. Be creative and try new things for the betterment of society.

A good greenhouse should have all the above qualities and at Agri Greenhouse, you can be assured that you get the best in designs, for whatever purpose that you have in a greenhouse and at a budget that is affordable.

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