Swiftlet nest cultivation

swiflet nest house
Swiftlet Breeding is the process in which swiftlets are encourage to breed in enclosed containerised houses. As swiftlets cannot breed in captivity, special houses are constructed with facades that mimics the natural environment of these birds. When the conditions are suitable to breeding, the swiftlets build small nest using their sliver to house their youngs. These nest are reputed to enhance body health and are highly sort after by Oreintal people. When the young swiftlets have grown and able to take to the air, the nests which have no more use are harvested and processed into high value bird nest health supplements. As old nest are harvested, new nest are built when the swiftlets are ready to breed.

Agri Greenhouse provides consultancy in the construction of Swiftlet Breeding Houses. It also undertake contracts to build these special dweelings at an affordable price. Because Agri Greenhouse uses the state of the art building technology, bird houses can be built in half the time taken compared to those using the conventional method.